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Custom Hardware

Custom hardware plays a pivotal role in meeting specific technological demands, providing tailored solutions for a variety of applications. Scylla digital offers a range of custom hard ware solutions including.  

Embedded Devices: 

Embedded devices are specialized computing systems integrated into everyday products and machinery, designed to perform dedicated functions. These devices are compact, energy-efficient, and tailored to specific tasks, making them ideal for applications in industries such as automotive, healthcare, and IoT. Custom hardware services for embedded devices involve the design, development, and optimization of these systems, ensuring they meet the unique requirements of the intended application. Whether it's a microcontroller in a medical device or a control unit in an industrial machine, embedded devices are fundamental in modern technology.

Rack Mountable GPU Boxes: 

Rack mountable GPU boxes are specialized hardware units designed to house powerful Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) in a server rack. These boxes are crucial for applications requiring significant computational power, such as deep learning, AI, and scientific simulations. Custom hardware services for rack mountable GPU boxes involve the creation of scalable, high-performance solutions. By leveraging GPUs' parallel processing capabilities, these systems accelerate complex calculations, enabling faster data analysis and modeling. Industries like research, finance, and engineering benefit from the immense computational power provided by these custom solutions.

We provide custom hardware catering to diverse needs, from creating compact and efficient embedded devices for specific applications to developing high-performance rack mountable GPU boxes that empower industries reliant on intensive computational tasks. These services ensure that businesses have access to specialized hardware solutions tailored precisely to their requirements, enabling innovation and efficiency across various sectors.