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Unleashing Titans of code, crafting the extraordinary from the unthinkable

  • We're Engineers that build software

    Never shying away from a challenge, we take on projects of any scale or difficulty

  • Software development is what we're about

    We put our hearts and soul into making every project.

    Drupar Design Studio

Scylla Digital, your premier software development company specializing in high-end software solutions.


With staff based in Australia, Japan & America, we're available 24 hours a day, please book in for a free consultation to begin your software journey. 

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At Scylla Digital we understand that no two projects are the same, this understanding helps us drive our project development process


1. Customer  meeting and information gathering 

We ensure to have a complete understanding of what your project requirements are up front, this helps streaming the development process. 

2. Prototyping and development 

As the software begins to take shape, we keep the customer informed with the process, this is a continuous feedback loop to ensure you get the exact product you wan

3. Deployment and implementation 

We’re there every step of the way, ensuring that there is a seamless integration of the new software into your business or system 

4. After sales service and support 

Our services don’t end once the software is implemented, we offer continual support to ensure the system is operating exactly as intended. As well as rolling out any updates you request. 

Scylla Digital has expertise in a range of development services including


Computer Vision

- Integration of machine learning to compliment computer vision

- Optimizing Computer vision processing & Algorithms with CIDA for Nvidia GPUs

- Open GL/Vulkan/CUDA Post processing

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Embedded Development

- NVIDIA Jetson Embedded software development

- Arduino Rapid Prototyping

- Raspberry Pie rapid prototyping


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AI Technologies

- Large Language Model Specialization

- Object Recognition & Detection

- Deep Neural network Development

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Unified Data Solutions

- Microsoft SQL Server integration services

- Amazon Redshift

- Real time/hyperscale API Development

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Engineering Services

- Converting C/C++ Codebases to Rust

- Rust software development

- Depreciated/expired reverse engineering of protocols


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Cloud based services

- Cloud IOT development

- AWS cloud architecture

- .NET Software Engineering

- DevOps and continuous integration/continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

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Custom Hardware

- Embedded Devices

- Rack Mountable GPU Boxes

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