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Unleashing Titans of code, crafting the extraordinary from the unthinkable

Scylla Digital

Founded by two visionary Australian software engineers, Scylla Digital excels in cutting-edge software development. Our multinational teams, composed of world-class talent are passionately dedicated to crafting bespoke software solutions for our valued clients.

Our forte lies in the intricate and cutting-edge domain of software development, where we consistently challenge the limits of innovation. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we serve as a beacon of expertise, prepared to transform your most ambitious concepts into tangible realities. When your project demands software that transcends convention, Scylla Digital is your ultimate partner

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One of the distinctive features of Scylla Digital is our completely remote operational model. With staff based in Australia, America and japan we don't have geographical constraints and with our 24-hour service, we effortlessly cater to clients across the globe. Regardless of your location or time zone, we are readily available to engage with you and develop a tailored solution.

Scylla Digital has expertise in a range of development services including

Computer Vision

- Integration of machine learning to compliment computer vision

- Optimizing Computer vision processing & Algorithms with CIDA for Nvidia GPUs

- Open GL/Vulkan/CUDA Post processing

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Embedded Development

- NVIDIA Jetson Embedded software development

- Arduino Rapid Prototyping

- Raspberry Pie rapid prototyping


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AI Technologies

- Large Language Model Specialization

- Object Recognition & Detection

- Deep Neural network Development

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Unified Data Solutions

- Microsoft SQL Server integration services

- Amazon Redshift

- Real time/hyperscale API Development

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Engineering Services

- Converting C/C++ Codebases to Rust

- Rust software development

- Depreciated/expired reverse engineering of protocols


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Cloud based services

- Cloud IOT development

- AWS cloud architecture

- .NET Software Engineering

- DevOps and continuous integration/continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

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Custom Hardware

- Embedded Devices

- Rack Mountable GPU Boxes

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Scylla Digital is recognized as a premier software development company, specializing in top-tier software solutions. Our seasoned team of developers, architects, and designers leverages the latest technologies and industry best practices to craft bespoke solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client. We eagerly embrace challenges, be it web applications, mobile apps, or enterprise software. Scylla Digital is the trusted partner that empowers businesses with software development that fosters innovation and competitive advantage. Join us on a journey to transform your ideas into high-quality, high-performance software solutions.