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Unleashing Titans of code, crafting the extraordinary from the unthinkable

Scylla Digitals talented software teams offer a range of services including:


Computer Vision

- Integration of machine learning to compliment computer vision

- Optimizing Computer vision processing & Algorithms with CIDA for Nvidia GPUs

- Open GL/Vulkan/CUDA Post processing

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Embedded Development

- NVIDIA Jetson Embedded software development

- Arduino Rapid Prototyping

- Raspberry Pie rapid prototyping


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AI Technologies

- Large Language Model Specialization

- Object Recognition & Detection

- Deep Neural network Development

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Unified Data Solutions

- Microsoft SQL Server integration services

- Amazon Redshift

- Real time/hyperscale API Development

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Engineering Services

- Converting C/C++ Codebases to Rust

- Rust software development

- Depreciated/expired reverse engineering of protocols


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Cloud based services

- Cloud IOT development

- AWS cloud architecture

- .NET Software Engineering

- DevOps and continuous integration/continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

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Custom Hardware

- Embedded Devices

- Rack Mountable GPU Boxes

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